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April - May 2014

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Hamish Parkinson

Party Party Party. Fun Fun Fun.



Sometimes being an adult sucks, sometimes we just wanna play silly games to escape the fear of aging, sometimes we just wanna party.

Come along and join Hamish in celebrating all births in the greatest, most absurd, and dumbest birthday party you've never had.

"Hamish Parkinson is a delight to watch" -


Showing In:

Auckland Wellington


Thu 15 - Sat 17 May, 7pm


Auckland Old Folks Association Hall, Auckland


Entry by Koha* service fees may apply


Show Duration:

50 mins

Critics Review

Regan Crummer -'Hamish Parkinson, in a word, is brilliant....'open/close
amish Parkinson, in a word, is brilliant. Basically, his show is a celebration of Hamish's life on the planet, and I thoroughly enjoy every part of this wacky showcase; this beautiful chaos.

He opens with a song and dance, inviting the audience to join in with his amusing take on a well-known ditty. He goes from extreme bursts of energy to little sly asides that, along with his wicked facial expressions, are hilarious. Hamish switches between narrating some of his personal experiences and playing caricatures of himself. His character comedy is really striking.

His short show is divided into three parts, and each explores a different section of his life and experiences. He uses his creative mind to the extreme, playing a game of pass the parcel – with him as the parcel! He is not afraid to get up close to the audience, giving lap dances at one point! He knows exactly how to exercise a person's chuckle muscles.

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