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April - May 2014

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Alex Williamson

Alex Williamson - Dumb Things I've Done



After sell-out seasons across Australia and the UK in 2013, YouTube sensation Alex comes to New Zealand with a hot new show. As always, it’s irreverent and caustic; featuring music, stand-up and unseen videos.

“Absolutely brilliant” – Rip It Up, AUS

“The future of comedy” – The Scotsman, UK

“Disturbing and distressing” – The Age, AUS


Showing In:

Auckland Wellington


Wed 14 & Thu 15 May, 9.30pm


SKYCITY Theatre, Auckland


Adults $39.00
Conc. $33.00
Groups 8+ $33.00* service fees may apply


0800 TICKETEK (842 538)

Show Duration:

55 mins

Critics Review

Cherie Moore -'Alex handles heckles from the crowd well - almost as if they are mates - which I think this audience likes to imagine is true. And perhaps in some small way it is true, as this loose Aussie Bloke has a strong social media presence where his fans interact with him, and no doubt he has more than a few fan tinder matches... 'open/close
As always in the NZ International Comedy Festival there is a plethora of well-known and up and coming comics to see. Tonight, I'm at SkyCity theatre to see Alex Williamson - "the Loosest Aussie Bloke" – in his solo show Dumb Stuff I've Done.

I've never heard of Alex but if seems most of the population of Auckland University have. Sitting here feels a bit like a Uni lecture, thanks to the design of the venue and the fact that the theatre is mostly packed with patrons aged 18-24. As Alex walks on stage, the crowd erupts into rapturous applause. I've clearly missed out on hearing about this guy and I'm glad I'm here.

Alex is young - perhaps this is part of why the audience love him - he could easily be friends with this crowd. And his comedy really is made for this young middle-to-upper-middle-class demographic. I should state that I'm in my 20s but I think I'm the wrong side of 25 to really get this comedy show, or appreciate some of the audience's lack of etiquette as their phone lights, exits for more drinks and loud conversations continue on during the performance.

Alex's performance style is relaxed, natural and fast-paced. I find myself being thankful I am of his generation so I can keep up, and fully understand his many references to social media, 90s pop culture (most of it; again, I'm the wrong side of 25 for some of it), and I find myself wondering how the guy in his 50s sitting behind me is going.

If you find harsh language offensive, this is definitely not the show for you. Alex's favourite word is c**t - he uses it more times in one sentence than you'd think possible, and it's even on his merchandise. This is just part of his vernacular and clearly a trademark of his; a hint into Alex's comedy style, which takes taboo subjects and puts them into the conversation in a very casual way.

Read more here:'The show had a very personal touch and he had the audience laughing the night away...'open/close
With sell out seasons across Australia and the UK in 2013, Youtube sensation Alex Williamson gave a very entertaining performance in the Sky City Theatre with his show “Dumb things I’ve done”.

I turned up to the theatre and all around me people were buzzing in anticipation of Williamson’s show. When we got inside the theatre, ‘pump it’ by the Blackeyed Peas was playing loudly over the speakers, setting up a an up-beat , light-hearted atmosphere. When everyone was seated Alex Williamson walked out onto the stage dressed like your typical scarfie student setting a very casual tone for the show.

The show centred on what it is like being a young male in today’s society, and the perceptions young males have of sex due to porn and the media. He also talked about his view of the world, drug use, and choosing a career path. Scattered throughout the show Williamson changed it up by giving us a taste of his musical talents by playing two songs he had written one about porn and one about getting with a cougar. He also used a power-point with images relating to stories about dumb things he had done, some of these included texts he had sent to girls, a letter from a lawyer and many other things.

The show had a very personal touch and he had the audience laughing the night away. After the show he jumped energetically down from the stage so he could get out to the foyer for the audience to take photos with him. The queue was massive highlighting just how popular and how much everyone enjoyed his show.

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