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April - May 2014

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Awesomeness International Presents 

Jarred Christmas




2013 Fred Award winner Jarred Christmas is back... like herpes, but awesome herpes that make you feel good and want to kiss strangers.

Hot and ready from his UK/Europe tour. He’s packing a brand new hour of world class stand-up comedy, as he delves into all the odd events in his life that have brought him to this point... A 34 year old man without a hobby.

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Showing In:

Auckland Wellington


Tue 6 - Sat 10 May, 8.45pm


Loft at Q Theatre, Auckland


Adults $27.50
Conc. $22.50
Groups 6+ $22.50* service fees may apply


09 309 9771

Show Duration:

1 hour

Critics Review

Brian The Tiger -'Being entertained has never been easier...'open/close
Jarred Christmas is a no nonsense, high energy, comedy bad ass! That’s the first thing that came to mind as I left the show. I exited behind a group of swooning girls full of praise as we walked down the stairs – “Oh my god, he’s so funny” – “His dancing was hilarious” – “What about when he drank the water! Oh my god, I don’t know why I’ve never seen him before” followed by the hearty ‘after chuckle’ of a satisfied audience.

So, the audience size was a little disappointing but this simply shows that we are spoilt for choice this comedy festival. Like any true professional though, this didn’t faze Christmas one little bit. If anything the low numbers made the gig more intimate allowing Christmas to focus his side-splitting rants more intently on the eager attendees. From fatherhood and inappropriate behaviour to dance moves from the 90’s and his hatred of orange chocolate, Christmas bombards the audience with energy.

Don’t expect everything to be wrapped up nicely and seamlessly linked though, they don’t need to be, because everything is funny! Christmas is funny! He has an honesty about him as a performer that allows his material to stand alone, without fluffing or preening to get you to laugh – you just do.

If it’s belly laughs, constant chuckles and the chance you might get hugged by a seriously vivacious and expertly playful comedian then ‘Snafu’ is the show for you. Christmas is a stalwart of the comedy scene and you are in very safe hands. There is just something refreshing knowing that you can sit back, relax and let the performer do all the hard work. Being entertained has never been easier and I predict that the audience numbers are sure to rise so book now to avoid disappointment.

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Ingrid Grenar -'4 Stars - What makes Christmas so enjoyable to watch is that it’s very easy being in his audience. You know he will make you laugh, he instills this early on, so you can just sit back, relax and giggle...'open/close

Jarred Christmas is a powerhouse of comedy with unstoppable pace, and a very high LPM ratio (laughs per minute!). The 2013 Fred Award Winner is back in NZ with his new show Snafu.

Christmas demonstrates that he has truly honed his craft, and is a total pro at keeping the chuckles coming. His material spans fatherhood, childhood, 90’s house parties, Walkmans (remember those?) as well as some good old NZ pride about gay marriage. The high energy animated delivery brings his material to life, especially during some excellently executed dance moves.

What makes Christmas so enjoyable to watch is that it’s very easy being in his audience. You know he will make you laugh, he instills this early on, so you can just sit back, relax and giggle. I smiled and laughed all the way through and his sprightly stage actively really show how much he loves his job.

This likable kiwi comic usually resides in Blighty, so you better see him during the festival while you have a chance.

In short, Jarred Chrismas gives good comedy!

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Hilarious! Would definitely see him again