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April - May 2014

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1:00 pm Improv for Kids Improv for Kids Loft at Q Theatre
2:00 pm Stand-Up For Kids Stand-Up For Kids Loft at Q Theatre
5:00 pm The 5pm Project The 5pm Project Loft at Q Theatre
7:00 pm Hairy Soul Man Kai Smythe + 7 piece blues band Comedy Chamber
7:00 pm Squidboy Trygve Wakenshaw Herald Theatre
7:00 pm Ferris Wheel The Improv Bandits & Covert Theatre Players Musgrove Studio
7:15 pm VS The Truth Sara Pascoe Vault at Q Theatre
7:15 pm The Gambler Tim FitzHigham The Classic Studio
7:15 pm Odd Stephen Witt The Basement Studio
8:30 pm Cinema Fiasco Janet A. McLeod; Geoff Wallis Academy Cinemas
8:30 pm Comedy Allstars at The BMC #2 Chris Martin, Rhys Mathewson & guests Bruce Mason Centre
8:30 pm All Of The Above Matt Stellingwerf Luna at Q Theatre
8:30 pm The Improv Bandits in THE ELIMINATOR The Improv Bandits in THE ELIMINATOR Musgrove Studio
8:30 pm Intensive Carey Carey Marx The Classic
8:45 pm The Big Show 2014 The Big Show 2014 Comedy Chamber
8:45 pm 20 Years Brendhan Lovegrove Loft at Q Theatre
9:00 pm Kraken Trygve Wakenshaw Herald Theatre
10:00 pm 4am Nick Gibb Loft at Q Theatre
10:00 pm Michael Legge Michael Legge The Classic Studio
10:00 pm Tighty Whiteys Hayley Sproull & Chris Parker The Basement
10:00 pm Classic Late & Live An All-Star Comedy Selection The Classic
10:00 pm Roque To Self James Roque Vault at Q Theatre
10:00 pm Two and a Half Asian Men Ben Cleland, Jimmy Guan, Julia Holden Luna at Q Theatre
10:00 pm Juan, two? Barnie Duncan The Basement Studio
11:30 pm Late Laughs Late Laughs The Basement
11:30 pm Kiwi Heroes: Live! Kiwi Heroes: Live! The Classic Studio
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