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April - May 2014

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AUCKLAND SHOWS ON Sat 26 April 2014





2:00 pm Stand-Up For Kids Stand-Up For Kids Loft at Q Theatre
7:00 pm Pizza Party Rose Matafeo The Basement
7:00 pm James Acaster James Acaster The Classic
7:15 pm Bush Week Luke Heggie Vault at Q Theatre
7:15 pm Responsibilliness Chris Martin Loft at Q Theatre
7:15 pm Carl Donnelly Carl Donnelly The Classic Studio
8:00 pm The Big Show On The Shore The Big Show On The Shore Bruce Mason Centre
8:30 pm Flashdunce Jackie van Beek & Jonny Brugh The Basement
8:30 pm Happily Ever After Markus Birdman The Classic
8:30 pm Flatliners James Keating Luna at Q Theatre
8:30 pm Problems Sam Simmons Herald Theatre
8:45 pm LIVE Jeremy Elwood Vault at Q Theatre
8:45 pm He-Wolf Stuart Goldsmith The Classic Studio
8:45 pm The Reckoning Ben Hurley Loft at Q Theatre
8:45 pm Hombre Lobo Rhys Mathewson The Basement Studio
10:00 pm Replaced By A Dog Nic Sampson The Basement Studio
10:00 pm Benjamin Crellin Benjamin Crellin The Classic Studio
10:00 pm The Bad Taste Hour 2 Ed Caruthers, Reuben Lee & Guests The Basement
10:00 pm A Mild Life Crisis Ricky Threlfo, Ben 'Tito' Caldwell & Brad Zimmerman Luna at Q Theatre
10:00 pm Grand Cheval Life! Tom Furniss & Cam Neate Vault at Q Theatre
10:00 pm Classic Late & Live An All-Star Comedy Selection The Classic
11:30 pm Late Laughs Late Laughs The Basement
11:30 pm Kiwi Heroes: Live! Kiwi Heroes: Live! The Classic Studio
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