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April - May 2014

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An excerpt from the constantly evolving digital biography log, of The Reverend Dr. Vinyl Burns.

Posted by Vinyl Burns On the 11th April 2014 Back Greetings, Electric Lovelies…

I write this in an urban downtown cafe/bar, gunshots ringing in the distance and a shot of vermouth in my shooting hand (no relation...I want no part of the battle this evening.)

My day began 38 hours ago, on the other side of the terrifying Rimutaka mountain highway, and it has so far featured a blistering, alcohol fueled Xmas broadcast from Active Towers, co-hosting the breakfast show with DJ Redbird Jr and laying out some trademark pickup moves on female members of the rock-star fraternity.

Redbird: He’s a circular machinist, and his show is the engine room beneath the wheelhouse that steers the intrepid Radioactive.FM house-bus increasingly close to the BSA canyon, under the always vigilant GCSB.

The special Christmas guests included honorables Grant Robertson, Gareth Hughes and Her Worship Celia Wade Brown, mayor of the town.

There was some heavy and magnetic flirting with Bella Kalolo and Lisa Tomlins.

Roots Foundation was in the house, and we all talked science.

It was a blast of a morning, amplified by the sleep deprivation and the frantic 6 minutes of water boarding with champaign and a pop-shield.

The high point, almost without question, was watching the Labour Party people mover, the Green Party Hybrid and (I’d like to imagine) the Mayoral Bicycle, all on the brink of being ticketed, but for the tap on the window and a disapproving waggle of the finger, from the Lady Mayor herself, flanked by a couple of MPs and a gang of Soul Singers. It was intimidating Five Star class…Radio’s fun!

On my drive there I completed a new addition to the Vinyl Burns Custom GPS Navigation cassette tape catalogue, with the “Featherston to Trentham” edition.

It should be available very soon.

It was a fun year… Blasting around the planet, meeting my old uncle Glastonbury and kicking around a paddock for a weekend… Learning to hate Malaysia…“Owning” 4500 ladies a night at The World Of Wearable art shows… Rustling up a new theatre show for the NZ Comedy Festival 2014… Having an airline change planes to accommodate my giant equipment… The list goes on.

Plus looking to get more involved with the ridiculous DJing scene.

Rest assured, it’s always a fun ride with Dr Vinyl Burns.

Bring the noise.

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