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April - May 2014

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FROM THE DESK OF… Jamaine Ross

Posted by Jamaine Ross On the 3rd April 2014 Back This year is my first solo show in the NZ International Comedy Festival. And even better, it’s a Billy T Award nominated show (not bragging, no big deal, whatevs).

So, in order to make a good impression, I’m trying to figure out which of my t-shirts I should wear in my show.

Now, obviously I can’t wear one t-shirt to all five nights in Wellington, and all six nights in Auckland. I mean sure I could, but I’d probably end up smelling like my dog after he walked in his own faeces and my wife let him in the backseat of the car without washing his feet (I’m not bitter).

So here’s a list of some of my favourite t-shirts and their pros and cons.

Black ‘Super Street Fighter 2’ t-shirt from Jay-Jays

Pro: It’s Street Fighter 2!

Con: It’s SUPER Street Fighter 2

Black ‘Savfest’ t-shirt from my cousin

Pro: It’s got a guitar on the front!

Con: Nobody knows what Savfest is and it’s quite boring to explain it to people when they ask

Grey ‘Daniel Bryan’ t-shirt from

Pro: Daniel Bryan is the man!

Con: He’s a professional wrestler and people think professional wrestling is lame

Dark grey ‘Jimi Hendrix’ t-shirt from Jay-Jays

Pro: It’s Jimi Hendrix!

Con: You can’t tell it’s Jimi Hendrix on the t-shirt. It could be any black guy with an afro who’s dressed like a hippie and wailing on an electric guitar

Black ‘BAPE’ t-shirt from Avondale Markets

Pro: It cost $5 from Avondale Markets!

Con: It looks like it cost $5 from Avondale Markets

Purple ‘The Last Airbender’ t-shirt from

Pro: It’s The Last Airbender!

Con: I just ordered it last night and I’m not sure if it’ll make it in time

Black ‘Masters of the Universe’ t-shirt from

Pro: It’s Masters of the Universe!

Con: I suspect a 7 year old Chinese boy died while making it

Dark blue ‘Tarnish’ t-shirt from Farmers, that has a picture on it of a skateboarding, sunglasses wearing Panda, who has another Panda on his shoulders who is sticking out his tongue, and holding a spray can tagging ‘Pandamonium.’

Pro: It’s funny!

Con: It’s funnier than my jokes

Grey ‘Iron Man, Captain America & The Hulk’ t-shirt from K-Mart

Pro: It’s Iron Man, Captain America & The Hulk!

Con: Nothing

Please tweet any advice to @jamaine_ross.

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