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April - May 2014

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From the desk of... James Nokise

Posted by James Nokise On the 9th June 2014 Back Behold the most Wellington sounding complaint you could hear:

I've got Playwrights withdrawal… and my coffee is cold.

The later is easier to fix, but the former is annoying. This is the first time in four years I haven't been writing a Political Satire for the Comedy Fest, and in an election year!!

To be fair, I will get to write one in August but, with a cast close to twenty, and sold out shows - I've got used to 9:30 @ BATS in the third week being the chaotic mess that is Public Service Announcements.

How surreal can shows get? Try having actual Politicians watching themselves portrayed on stage as anything from drug addled narcissists to obsessive, spoiled teenagers, to bears - then have them want to hang out, drink, and have photos with the actors portraying them afterwards. Interestingly, we've never had an MP from the Right attend. The Left can take a joke, which you'll know if you've followed the last two elections (zing!).

This all means that my solo show has morphed to become more political than intended. It started off simply being a look at why young men do stupid things, tying that to the European Renaissance (in which depth and perception we're rediscovered), and getting some artists from different genres to help me (art, music, poetry) prove you need friends to help you express yourself.

Somehow the narrative has become more about how people respond to getting socially beaten down - that old comedy chestnut!

Then I started writing about my Mum and Wales - which, after 10 years of Dad and Samoa, is probably overdue - and that got onto Thatcher. Yeah… Thatcher.

So if you're curious to see how a show starts off talking about The Bro's and ends up talking about The Iron Lady, with three original artists interpretation of the journey being projected behind me, come on down.

Or if that's a bit much, come see the true chaos happen at the festival Late Shows, which I get to conduct in whatever week I'm in town. Apart from that; I've got new tattoos, a new strange haircut, and the microwave tells me my coffee is warm again.

Bring on the Fest!!

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