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April - May 2014

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From the Desk of James Roque

Posted by James Roque On the 6th May 2013 Back When I started writing my show at this year’s Comedy Festival I never imagined it would get this personal. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I knew it would be personal (it is about my fears after all) but I just thought I would just talk about Spiders and shit, not really deep insecurities and stuff.

Today, I sat a café by myself (like a creepy loner) to write, and contemplated for ages whether the show was too self-deprecating. That it made me seem like someone with no backbone. Then I went “Well that’s the point, isn’t it, you knob?” as I realised that I had been staring at a plant for half an hour having an internal monologue and the Indian lady having lunch with a friend next to me was starting to look concerned. I just smiled at her as if to say “I’m fine”.  She smiled back as if to say “Please don’t stab us”.

Then this family came in the café to have lunch and to prove why my show was the way it is. They had they’re dog with them. They sat down and looked at menus while the dog made its way over to me and started sniffing my leg and general crotch area.  I laughed awkwardly and said to its owners “sorry.” The lady went “Oh, you don’t have to be sorry! It’s not your fault!”

And she was totally right! Why the hell did I just apologize for her dog sniffing my innocent crotch? At that point I realised that when they say “write about what you know and your jokes will hit their mark” it just means I have to write about being a bit of a pussy. And ya know, I’m cool with that. There’s a comfort in knowing that you can laugh at yourself. And I’m secure in my knowledge that I’m insecure.

I’m really excited to get deep into the Festival. There are so many good shows to see, I suggest you plan your Festival now, before it’s too late.

I’m looking forward performing my first hour. Even if I just manage to pull off one awesome night out of the five nights, I’ll be stoked because then I know that I can be just like the comedians I admire and their fancy one hour specials.  See your lovely faces at my show. I’ll try not to cry. (No refunds if I do).

Catch James' solo show: 'James Roque is Chicken' this week at Brooklyn Bar in Auckland.

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