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April - May 2014

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From The Desk Of Jared Bosecke

Posted by Jared Bosecke On the 29th April 2014 Back Hello world.

The decision to give up caffeine a few months before the festival has been a wise one. Prior to my abstinence my bodies ability to metabolise RockStar was so high it was like trying to tranquilize an elephant with panadol.

Ending my drought so suddenly has given me a boost not unlike a convict ending his sobriety following release. My mind is swimming with ideas bordering diagnosable lunacy and those around me are helping to reign in my 100 mile an hour babble and make it legible to the common comedy goer.

Not to say that you, dear reader, should be concerned for my seemingly insulting insinuations regarding the ability for you to process comedy in the rapid, curve ball, left wing, thinking mans [jest]iculations. It's more to say that I need to be reminded that the everyday man is unaware of things like the technobable and jargon surrounding a hydrometer, for example. For instance if said hydrometer was to be ingested by hypothetical baby the common non brewing educated person might not understand the specific gravity of that situation nor the comedy that would ensure when said baby defecated brix.

Comedy stylings, to me anyway, seems a rather egotistical term to refer to my comedy. My "styling's" match my fashion sense almost identically in that I don't have any. The 1960's mustard chequered three quarter pants I wore through my 7th form of high school would agree. I would consider my eclectic style more of a tribute to Macklemore's song "Thrift Shop"; a series of classic laughs carefully selected from the discount racks of Unique Musical Comedy, True Stories and Witty One Liners.

So if you have $20 in your pocket and are "looking for a come up, Left Hanging is [going to be] f*****g awesome".

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