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April - May 2014

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From the Desk of John Carr

Posted by John Carr On the 19th April 2013 Back Before Christmas I’d had enough of pseudo rapper Psy’s attempt to take over the world with “Gangnam Style”.  As an old school rapper, I felt like it was a violation of my lifestyle and my art form, and I was compelled to respond. 

I don’t know if it was just coincidence but I performed one anti-Psy rap at The Classic in late December and by Christmas the “Gangnam Style” bubble had burst.

By mid-January, Psy was a forgotten man and I was looking forward to a smooth run in to the Comedy Festival without distractions.

But now he is back! Last Friday he released his latest rap and got 30 million YouTube views in  the first 24 hours.!

To make matters worse, my publicity agent has sent the guy a complimentary ticket to the opening of my Yo Yo Yo! show  at the Comedy Fest on April 27. I texted Psy as soon as I found out, and told him he would be sitting next to Sally Ridge, but he still wants to come.

Now I’m really distracted. If this thing turns in to a rap battle I could really use some help from other rappers in the Comedy Festival. I know  English comedian Gordon Southern can more than handle himself in that department, and  that James (So So Gangsta) Nokise at least  looks like he can. If Cornish rappers Hedluv + Passman were to turn up as well, we could  save the world of old school rap forever. We owe it to Tupac and Biggie, and our children.  Bling it on brothers! Bling it on!

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