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April - May 2014

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From The Desk of Juan Vesuvius

Posted by From The Desk of Juan Vesuvius On the 15th May 2013 Back Hello and thank you for this. I am name Juan Vesuvius and I come from beautiful Venezuela. Hugo Chavez also come from Venezuela, but now he is a dead. Do you know that my peoples put him in a glass coffin to watch him decompose? This is funny. But not so funny. Then they change their idea and put him in the earth so he is now composition in their. I think is better for everybody.

So I am really love the Calypso music, and I bring a show here to your country about this.
I am moving with the grace and suppleness of a dancer through a room made out of interesting music, whilst tropical fruit and the spirit of the anaconda move in and out of the pores on your skin. Do you know one percent of your body weight is made up of parasites? This means you do not weight what you think you weight but actually one kilogram less. So this is good news no? Why not come and party?

I am not really on a desk right now. I am on a wooden bench making cuts into a coconut so I can drink up its milk. Do you like this?

My show is full of joy and beautiful and no swearing. But because I am from so sexy you cannot help but feel aroused and want to make love after or during the my show. Do you like oral sex? I am a DJ.

Come to my Calypso Party and listen and play and laugh, it is so much better than staying at a house or a lake or a small club of a bar room. Thank you, and buenas noches kiwis.

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