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April - May 2014

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From the desk of... Kade Nightingale & Jeremy Rolston

Posted by Kade Nightingale & Jeremy Rolston On the 7th May 2014 Back So........we meet again. Hello, we are Kade and Jeremy. You know the guy who plays the yaaaarp guy in the movie Hot Fuzz, that is the same guy who plays The Hound in Game of Thrones. Mind blown? Who would have known that actors could do that? Pretend to be such different people. But as the saying goes two’s a company three’s a crowd.

Anyway, welcome to from the desk of. This is where we get to talk to you directly about what ever we want, and we want to tell you about how annoying it is when you go to put your USB into the computer and it takes like 5 tries, how does that even work!? It has two possible outcomes and it takes so many tries? It is nothing short of the devil at work in the modern day, like, does the USB have some sort of motive to screw up your day by taking up time? Because think about how good it feels when you plug that bad boy in the first try or even the second, even more pleasing than looking upon your first new born.

You may have asked yourself the question what on earth are you reading? What will we do next? Tell you about nurturing sick cicadas? NO WE WILL NOT! You can count on us, but not to keep prices down. Mostly because we aren’t experts in the field of keeping prices down, and partly because we don’t work at Countdown.

But the main point of all this is that if you shampoo your hair too much it can actually be bad for it. Yeah, that’s right, you can actually clean your hair too much. Your hair is made up of dead cells, we would have thought you couldn’t clean it enough! So shampoo your hair whenever is right for you. That might be daily, it might be once a week. It is your personal preference. You do what you believe.! Because maybe you were born with it or maybe its Maybelline! Go you! Yes! Believe in yourself!

In the words of captain planet “the power is yours!” Thank you for taking the time to read this, we even have degrees and everything so we know what we are talking about. Our show is in the festival is called Don’t PANIC! and just like this read it’s full of lots of helpful life tips. Come and see it.

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