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From the Desk Of Richard - 2013!

Posted by Richard Carrington On the 13th March 2013 Back I wrote a From The Desk Of at the end of 2012’s Comedy Festival. Unfortunately it wasn’t published, which is a real shame because it was really good. So this year I decided to get in early in the hopes it will make it on the website before the end.

Wowee, what a Festival 2012 has been 2013 is going to be. So far two and a half weeks no shows and now it draws close to a close near. Notorious* has had a will have a busy Festival with five four shows across Auckland and Wellington, we’ll end up with 39 44 performances, a few drinks and innumerable laughs.

This In the first week we’ve got Jeremy Elwood with his critically acclaimed show Time Bomb Notes at the San Francisco Bathhouse Basement Studio in Wellington and Ben Hurley & Steve Wrigley Dai Henwood at the SFBH with Michele A’Court getting loose at Q Theatre. These are full noise nonsense so get involved.

The thing you should really be doing this week Festival is checking out some of the newer local talent that’s out there. I’ve been I will be lucky enough to catch a few shows and can highly recommend in alphabetical order;

Bombs Away – So slick, genuine hilarity, an actual spectacle, I’d go and see this again, 32 stars
FanFiction Comedy – Different each show, they know how to make that shit funny yo’, 32 stars
Guy Williams – Magnificent writing, perfect timing, this is a refined, honed and hilarious hour 45 minutes of comedy, 32 stars
Tom Furniss – A fantastically funny, feel good show that you’ll leave with your face hole grinning and marveling at, 32 stars

These are just the shows I’ve seen I will see that are on this third week Festival, there are loads more out there waiting to be discovered and most of them are cheap as, so go on, give them a hoon.


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