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April - May 2014

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I Like You A Lot

Posted by Brendon Green On the 10th April 2014 Back I Like You A Lot

Hey, you look really good today. And I’m not just saying that. You really do. It might just be the way the light is catching your hair, from an angle that’s giving you a kind of glowing resonance that dances across my eyes presenting you as an almost otherworldly wonder. Or it could be your choice of shirt, which is, I have to say, fantastic. The colour works wonderfully on you, giving me the impression that while you care about yourself, you are an entirely complex individual, with hopes and dreams and inconsistencies that are just a shade more alluring than they are infuriating. You’re the kind of hot mess that I fall for all too easily.

It may just be that I like your smile. It’s warm, like a cliché, sure, but a cliché such as cinnamon toast on a lazy Sunday morning. It’s one of the good ones.

Even the way you’re looking at this screen is delightful. Your eyes gently scrolling left to right, taking in these complimentary words, processing them with a more than a hint of skepticism. Surely I’m not talking about you, this is clearly a thinly veiled attempt to charm everyone who reads this piece of writing. It’s not. Because that sliver of excited anticipation that’s living behind all of the doubt is willing you to believe that yes, these words are for you. Go with that feeling. It’s the correct feeling. If the choice is between cynical realism and the harmless flight of fancy that a comedian has written these terribly overblown paragraphs about the wonderful, unique, beautiful creature that is you, then you should always choose the flight of fancy. Because I did.

I want to you believe me, that I like you as a person. I need you to not forget that I care about you and I value you wholly. This isn’t a marriage proposal, I just want you to know how I feel.

Because I need to tell you some things about myself, and they might not be very nice…

Brendon Green
‘Some More Mr Nice Guy’

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