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April - May 2014

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Jayran Mansouri’s Kitchen of Curiosities

Posted by Jayran Mansouri On the 28th March 2014 Back Hello! I am Jayran, and in the Comedy Festival I am performing a brand new show, Jayran Mansouri’s Kitchen of Curiosities. I really should start working on the set for this show, otherwise there will be no kitchen, which would be quite a letdown.

Here is a quiz about my weird life and my truly weird show, just to give you an impression of the absurdity to come. (To get the answers, you have to come to the show):

1.     Which of the following things did NOT happen in my childhood?
a)     I mistook a Catholic priest for God
b)     I tried to start my own business selling pencil shavings
c)     I performed an interpretive dance about the Black Death in school
d)     I pretended to be a dying fish flopping on the ground but then I got in trouble for humping the ground and I felt misunderstood and alone
2.     What is my lifelong dream?
a)     To go to the morgue and pretend to be a dead body lying there and see how long it takes anyone to find out
b)     To use my uterus as a hot air balloon
c)     To travel via sewer
d)     To use dead fish as home décor
3.     How many props will feature in this show?
a)     17
b)     25
c)     4
d)     49
4.     In what year did the mistaken rumours of my non-existent Hitler fetish first take hold?
a)     1999
b)     2007
c)     2011
d)     2004
5.     What are my favourite things to role play with?
a)     Foodstuffs and ingredients
b)     Knives, spoons and forks
c)     Cheese graters
d)     All of the above

To get the answers, you have to come to my show. It will be hilarious! It will be bizarre! It will be absurdalicious! Come to my show and be prepared to laugh your head off. Not literally. That would be unpleasant.

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