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April - May 2014

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Nick Gibb

4am Thoughts



Nick often lies awake at night, thinking all his profoundest and silliest thoughts, so decided to organise these thoughts into a show.

Will he finally resolve the gnawing, existential confusion at the heart of the human condition? Probably not, but it’ll be funny watching him try.

Winner - Billy T Award 2011, NZ International Comedy Festival.

“Incredibly self-assured and cleverly intelligent... a masterclass in comedy” – TVNZ

“Phenomenal dark, witty humour; you’ll laugh till it hurts” ****

“Erudite and educated… brilliantly original material” **** Edinburgh Guide, UK



Showing In:

Auckland Wellington


Wed 7 - Sat 10 May, 10pm


Cavern Club, Wellington


Adults $20.00
Conc. $15.00
Groups 6+ $15.00* service fees may apply


0800 TICKETEK (842 538)

Show Duration:

1 hour

Critics Review

Nik Smythe -'He appreciates aphorisms, loves lame impressions, and delights in layered geek-humour both scientific and pop-culture based...'open/close
Nick Gibb rounds out the end of the last couple of evenings of our 2014 Comedy Festival with a wee intellectual, pun-encrusted, late-night ramble. Really by clubbing standards the night is still young at 10.00pm, but at the end of a working week at the end of what has been a fairly intense and quite eclectic overall event, Gibbs' 4am Thoughts make for an easy, gentle closer.

Not that it doesn't venture into some fairly grim and tasteless areas of the comedic spectrum of course; the guy evidently understands his market. To start with, he specifies that the thoughts referenced in the title are by and large morbid reflections on the frightening inevitability of death.

So Nick grew up in Palmerston North, which he can both be proud of and laugh about, and is now thirty but doesn't feel like an adult yet. He appreciates aphorisms, loves lame impressions, and delights in layered geek-humour both scientific and pop-culture based. Mostly though, he freely admits to being obsessed with puns to an obsessive-compulsive degree.

His stories span the length of his life and halfway around the globe, musing on his first confrontation with death during a fishing disaster when he was nine, through to his most recent encounter with the Grim Reaper in Amsterdam. He's got some inadvertently violent sexual escapades to overshare, and is not ready to have children but has already thought of some devious ways to blow his brand new nephew's mind.

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