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April - May 2014

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New Zealand Comedy Trust Presents 

Billy T Award Nominees

Billy T Award Nominees



Inspired by and named after New Zealand’s much-loved legendary comedian – Billy T James, the Billy T Awards are an initiative of the New Zealand Comedy Trust with the aim to ensure the continued growth of live comedy in New Zealand.

The 2014 nominees were selected on their proven comedic ability, talent, dedication, current form and potential, and will be judged on all aspects of their Festival show. Final judging will take place at Last Laughs on Sunday 18 May.

The 2014 nominees are...

brendongreen_166x166.jpg Brendon Green

Uses stories, songs and potentially shocking personal admissions to explore the more devious side of being a nice guy. Winner Best Newcomer (2012)

Auckland - Tues 13 - Sat 17 May, 8.45pm
Wellington - Wed 7 - Sat 10 May, 9.30pm


guymontgomery_166x166.jpg Guy Montgomery

Values nothing more than word economy. Accordingly, he has boiled down 25 years (13,148,725 minutes) of his unique thinking into an easily digestible hour.

Auckland - Tues 13 - Sat 17 May, 8.30pm
Wellington - Tues 29 April - Sat 3 May, 7pm


jamaineross_166x166.jpg Jamaine Ross

Tries to reconcile having a wife, career and mortgage, with his unhealthy obsession with Transformers, Street Fighter and pro-wrestling (which, but the way, he definitely knows is fake).


Auckland - Mon 12 - Sat 17 May, 8.45pm
Wellington - Tues 6 - Sat 10 May, 7pm

StephenWitt_New_166x166.jpg Stephen Witt

Has an oddball approach and unjustified confidence. Stephen takes one hour to redefine the social norm and explain why he isn't good with woman, dogs, or punch lines.


Auckland - Tues 13 - Sat 17 May, 7.15pm
Wellington - Tues 6 - Sat 10 May, 7pm

timbatt_166x166.jpg Tim Batt

Won Best Newcomer last year for his show Unified Theory. This year he offers essential advice for your everyday life: "Get yourself a slogan". He's also figured out how to achieve world peace: "Tinder".


Auckland - Tues 13 - Sat 17 May, 7pm
Wellington - Tues 29 April - Sat 3 May, 7pm


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