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April - May 2015

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New Zealand Comedy Trust Presents 

Comedy Lab

Comedy Lab


It’s an age-old question in comedy – how do performers manage to hone their works before embarking on their seasons during the NZ International Comedy Festival? Like fixing Rachel Hunter’s spilt ends, it doesn’t happen overnight.

So in the name of exploring comedy frontiers, comedians will test their works on human guinea pigs with Comedy Lab. This is a chance for audiences to get a sneak peek into how the beast is formed.
For the comics, it’s a chance to test what flies and what dies on live humans that who aren’t their flatmates (that’s you, faithful comedy fan).

Watch these comedy Einstein’s play scientist to all manner of on-stage experiments with the aim of honing and refining material in time for the Festival beginning 27 April.

Lab worker requirements include: an ability to laugh, finely tuned comedy ears, an enjoyment of comedic dissection, Bunsen Burner safety knowledge and basic writing skills that result in legible feedback to the jokesters themselves.

No cute and fluffy animals will be harmed for scientific reasons. Audiences on the other hand…


Showing In:

Auckland Wellington


Thurs 26 March, 7pm


VK's, Wellington


$5* service fees may apply

Show Duration:

2 hours

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