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April - May 2014

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Alexander Sparrow

It Was Supposed To Be A Joke



Alexander Sparrow doesn’t always make mistakes; when he does, they’re big ones. Having spent his youth making a fool of himself, it’s time to learn something… like going commando in shorts isn’t a good idea.

“Alexander Sparrow shows us why he is New Zealand’s sexiest comedian” –

“Alex will be a comedian everyone will be talking about” –

“Excellent… keeps the audience enthralled” –


Showing In:



Tue 6 - Sat 10 May, 7pm


Kitty O'Shea's, Wellington


Adults $15.00
Conc. $12.00* service fees may apply


Show Duration:

1 hour

Critics Review

Wellington Reviews'saw a lot more than I intended of Alexander Sparrow tonight. Suffice it to say my sister is getting married soon and I might give him a call for her hen's night... 'open/close
I saw a lot more than I intended of Alexander Sparrow tonight. Suffice it to say my sister is getting married soon and I might give him a call for her hen's night. Apart from having a (possibly lucrative) side career, in addition to being a good comedian, he can act and the boy can move.

Thankfully he's another comedian who doesn't rely on swearing for laughs. He even gauged the audience's response to his offensiveness. Losing his place didn't seem to phase him, indeed he engaged more with the audience who seemed to find him charming. He is certainly more polished than he was when he started out a year ago.

He wore a very sharp suit matched with cufflinks and vintage style wingtips (those are shoes, he seriously wasn't wearing wings). His lovely hair style, keeping with his old fashioned attire, was a little disheveled by the end of the evening.

Like another review noted the shows are packed in for the New Zealand International Comedy Festival so there is no chance to linger as another comedian goes on in half an hour. That was a shame as I would have liked to compliment Alexander on his, ahem, dance moves.

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Theatre Student
Alexander Sparrow is already at the twilight of his stand-up career at the ripe, old age of 21. But don't let that fool you, he's going out with a bang. Catch this funny person before he moves on to bigger/better things.

Good shit/10. Would go (bang) again.
Alexander is absolutely one of most enthralling and hilarious young comedians in Wellington and it would be a shame to miss out on seeing him perform live! He uses audience participation to lead into his next joke or story so well, holding the audiences attention for the entire duration of the show. He certainly shows of his moves during the show and has the audience in fits of laughter from the get go! Not to be missed!!
A fabulous show. My friend and I couldn't stop laughing. This guy can move and will certainly make everyone laugh! With his blunt approach to life and easy going attitude, it's hard not to laugh no matter how awkward the story. Haven't laughed so much for so long in a very long time!
Opening night is no easy thing for any show and Alexander's show is fantastic about taking that awkward comedy he is so good at and creating an hour long show which will make anyone laugh. Form subtle jokes to long winded stories his show is a great example of why he is absolutely one of Wellingtons great comedians.
A hugely entertaining hour full of fun and laughter. For me the highlights were his hilarious interaction with the crowd and the great dance moves. Go along, it'sgreat.
If you want to laugh, cringe, be entertained, possibly slightly offended and learn how to be socially inept this is the show to go to. Alexander Sparrow tells (and shows) us how he made a fool of himself when he was younger and despite having learnt from his fair share of mistakes it is probable his future self will have just as many mistakes to learn from. Going out with a bang Alexander combines his best material (including some sexy dance moves you can't un-see) for an hour of hilarity, don't miss out!!
'Alexander Sparrow' dressed in a charming suit captures the hearts of his audience with new, ingenious, sometimes shockingly memorable jokes. The jokes themselves are simply great and well thought out, however it is the way he delivers them and excellent timing that creates a relaxing atmosphere, allowing the audience to enjoy themselves, with laughter from all directions of the room. The crowd are given an insight into his personal life and daily experiences, meaning people can reflect on how this relates to their own life situations, past, present and future. It may be an R18 show, but Alexander gets 70 percent laughs or he moves on to tell or show the next story. Alexander is certainly a capturing comedian, holding his audience's attention span the whole way through, his superb dance moves being a bonus. Many of the jokes about ‘How to pick up woman’ will never go out of fashion as in the dating world people will always make an effort to pick each other up. To describe Alexander in a nutshell, he is an ‘in the moment’ performer who gives his all when on stage. This is not a show to be missed and can create tears of laughter even within the most reserved human beings.