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April - May 2014

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Rock'N Bingo

Rock'N Bingo



Rock'n Bingo "Flaming Amazeballs of Awesome".

Imagine a world where mullets, prizes, live music, rock video clips AC/DC, Guns and Roses, Air Guitar, tight pants, rock concerts, hotties, smoke machines, lasers, dance moves, innuendo, Karaoke, $500 in prizes and bunch of likeable Boof heads from the Hutt running a b*stardised version of Bingo, all distilled to unleash your inner rock god

If this sounds like you then it’s time to Meet the Hogan's from Moonshine Upper Hutt and their hilarious Rock'n antics. Catch up with Bazza, Bruce, Boof , Butch and younger hot sister Babs for a night you won't forget in a hurry, it’ll have you gagging for more.

Rock'n Bingo is a R18 infectious T-bone steak eggs and chips mix of comedy, cranking rock music, crowd interaction and pure high octane fun. Be ready to rock out to all your old school rock songs and join in the butchered versions of all the traditional bingo calls

Everyone is given a bingo card and bingo dabbers on entry, it’s easy to follow with each number also coming up on the TV screens on each rock clip as it plays. Bingo winners are then taken up onstage for a game show experience similar to money or the bag and are invited to choose a prize from Rock’n Bingo Famous wall of Rockers.

Come on down and rock out, guest are invited to come as their favourite rocker or to go bogan, for some of you there’ll be no need to dress up.

“We all had a fantastic time…made us realise there is a little bit of the Bogan in all of us!“

“Bogan’s really do have more fun!"

“Air guitar, karaoke, and great rock music all on top of a fun night of bingo! What more could you want!"

“A comedy genius wedgie! This show rocked the G string clean off my air guitar!”


Showing In:



Sat 3, Sat 10 & Sat 17 May, 7pm


Greenman Pub, Wellington
The Pub, Wellington


Tickets $10.00* service fees may apply


Show Duration:

2 hours

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Most fun I've had in my two years in NZ. Absolutely fantastic evening.