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April - May 2015

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Des Bishop Des Bishop Made in China Herald Theatre 7:00 PM Polyphony - A Play By Daniel Kitson Polyphony - A Play By Daniel Kitson Daniel Kitson Rangatira at Q Theatre 07:00pm Carl Donnelly Carl Donnelly Back with a new show The Classic 7:00 PM Covert Improv Night Covert Improv Night Fresh Comedy Every Time! Musgrove Studio 7:00 PM Guy Montgomery Guy Montgomery Guy Montcomedy Montecristo - Downstairs 7:00 PM The Girl and the Gay The Girl and the Gay The Girl and the Gay The Basement 7:00 PM Joseph Harper Joseph Harper I AM A CAT The Basement Studio 7:15 pm DeAnne Smith DeAnne Smith Get Into It Vault at Q Theatre 7:15 PM Kura Forrester Kura Forrester Tiki Tour Cellar at Q Theatre 07:15pm Penny Ashton Penny Ashton Hot Pink Bits Loft at Q Theatre 7:15 PM Wilson Dixon Wilson Dixon For The First Time Again Montecristo - Upstairs 07:15pm Lloyd Langford Lloyd Langford His NZ Debut The Classic Studio 7:15 PM Sex, Lies and Improvise Sex, Lies and Improvise Sex, Lies and Improvise The Horse and Trap 8:00 PM Tim Batt Tim Batt Tim Batt Explores The Human Experience Montecristo - Downstairs 8:15 pm The Improv Bandits The Improv Bandits No Scripts, No Gimmicks, No Safety Net! Musgrove Studio 8:30 PM Guy Williams Guy Williams You Can Sense The Desperation Montecristo - Upstairs 08:30pm The Big Show 2015 The Big Show 2015 The Big Show 2015 - An International Comedy Showcase Comedy Chamber 8:30 PM selling fast Rose Matafeo Rose Matafeo Finally Dead The Basement 8:30 PM great review Trygve Wakenshaw Trygve Wakenshaw NAUTILUS Herald Theatre 8:30 PM Craig Campbell's Craig Campbell's Thrilling Mic Hunt The Classic 8:30 PM DISCOVER BEN TARGET DISCOVER BEN TARGET by Ben Target The Basement Studio 8:45 PM Neel Kolhatkar Neel Kolhatkar Truth Be Told Vault at Q Theatre 08:45 pm Markus Birdman Markus Birdman Grimm Realities The Classic Studio 8:45 PM great review Luke Callaghan & James Stewart Luke Callaghan & James Stewart FOMO Sapiens Cellar at Q Theatre 08:45pm Ronny Chieng Ronny Chieng You Don't Know What You're Talking About Loft at Q Theatre 8:45 pm selling fast Joseph Moore Joseph Moore 1989 Montecristo - Downstairs 9:30 PM Jon Bennett Jon Bennett Pretending Things Are A Cock Montecristo - Upstairs 09:45pm Jamaine Ross Jamaine Ross One Of The Good Ones Vault at Q Theatre 10:00 PM Paul Douglas Paul Douglas The Bullshit Has Hit The Fan The Classic Studio 10:00 PM Ben Hurley & Guests Ben Hurley & Guests Ben Defend New Zealand Loft at Q Theatre 10:00 PM Adrienne Truscott's Asking For It Adrienne Truscott's Asking For It A One-Lady Rape About Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else The Basement Studio 10:00 PM great review David Correos David Correos A Really Rough Ride With David Correos Cellar at Q Theatre 10:00pm Fool House Fool House My Sketchen Rules The Basement 10:00 PM Big Wednesday - Festival Edition Big Wednesday - Festival Edition Late & Live at the Classic The Classic 10:00 PM Montecristo Late Night Shows Montecristo Late Night Shows Featuring the Montecristo Comedians Montecristo 10:45 pm The Cavaliers The Cavaliers Words From Faces Montecristo - Upstairs 11:00pm

Hamish Parkinson - 2015 Billy T Award Nominee

From the desk of...

posted by Jon Bennett on the 27th April 2015

Pretending Things are a Cock

My show... Pretending Things are a Cock began when my housemate took a bunch of very immature and juvenile yet ‘artistic’ (black and white photos makes them art) photos of me around the house making all the things in the house my cock.



Two extra Ed Byrne shows added in Wellington

Exciting news for all you Ed Byrne fans in Wellington, due to popular demand an extra TWO night of Roaring Forties have been added. This Friday 1 May at 5.30pm & Sat 2 May, 5pm at Hannah Playhouse.



Joseph Moore

4 Stars - Hilariously rousing.

Mat Campbell - - 28 April 2015